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Experiencing Microgravity and Microgravity Science Experiments
Roberson, Luke
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
downtown library
Orlando Public Library
101 E Central Blvd
Postal Code:
United States

What’s unusual about doing science while zipping around the earth in a space station at 17 thousand miles per hour? Dr Luke Roberson will tell you what it takes to design a good experiment to be run in microgravity, and will show the effects of zero gravity and low gravity on you and the things around you.

Luke B. Roberson, Ph.D. is a systems engineer for science payload development at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. He is responsible for designing, building, verifying, and validating science experiments for deployment to the International Space Station. His current projects focus on plant growth chambers, integrating requirements of science and engineering to create a high-fidelity platform for research aboard ISS. Previously Dr. Roberson served as a research scientist at KSC inventing and developing new technologies for the space industry. In addition, Dr. Roberson is the President of Vaulted Technologies, and has 3 issued patents, 10 pending patents, over 20 published scientific articles, and has co-authored a book.

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