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Hunley, Charles
Wednesday, 7 September 2011 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
717 W. Smith Street
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United States

When blood can’t flow to one’s heart or brain, those organs take little time to suffer damage. Anecdotes of “freezing” injured people to help them get better have been told since ancient Greece. Contemporary medicine has only recently found good enough technology, understanding of cellular biology, and a niche in the probabilities of outcomes to use such a paradoxical technique in practice. Some advanced physicians now lower patients’ internal temperature in extreme circumstances, to slow or stop damage, and buy time to treat injuries.

Dr Charles F. Hunley is a critical care fellow at Orlando Regional Medical Center with a masters’ in exercise physiology. He finished his masters’ at UCF in 2000, and graduated from Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine in 2007. He completed his internal-medicine residency at ORMC in 2010. For the last four years he has done research at ORMC’s Ttranslational Research Lab in critical care, emphasizing sepsis and acute respiratory distress.

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