Cafe Scientifique Orlando is a gathering of scientifically-inclined people in Central Florida, who meet at a cafe, coffee house, pub, or nonacademic location to discuss events and ideas in the world of science. We enjoy beer and wine, and we use plain language to talk about extraordinary ideas.

Dunkelberg, Pete
Wednesday, 6 April 2011 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
717 W. Smith Street
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United States

This talk is one of a new style of talks we will have at Café Scientifique, that we’re calling “synthesis”. Instead of a sharp, deep focus in some scientific field on the bleeding-edge of research, we’ll show a broader topic and link it to several scientific and social areas, in a way a researcher in a specific field might find hard to do.

This month, our own Pete Dunkelberg gives us a wider perspective on the specific concentrated disciplines of math and physics and climatology to help give context and explain some of the principles and data of climate change. He’ll touch on the importance of understanding it and the prospects for humanity in the near term, and what we could do about it.

Pete Dunkelberg is an advocate of good science education, and as a member of Florida Citizens for Science, helped defend Florida’s new educational standards from being polluted with nonscientific ideas. He’s active in the Florida Native Plant Society, 1Sky, and has written articles like “Irreducible Complexity Demystified” and “Mystery in the Air”.

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Topics We'd Love to See

What are some topics you’d like to have? Tell us in your comments below. See our full schedule to know what we’ve had and plan to have, before adding something new.

Additionally, if you are a scientific expert interested in presenting a topic, please email us.