Cafe Scientifique Orlando is a gathering of scientifically-inclined people in Central Florida, who meet at a cafe, coffee house, pub, or nonacademic location to discuss events and ideas in the world of science. We enjoy beer and wine, and we use plain language to talk about extraordinary ideas.

Savage, Kathy
Wednesday, 4 February 2009 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Stardust Video and Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd.
Postal Code:
United States

We continue with COPUS Year-of-Science-2009 themes, making this month’s theme “Evolution”. Evolution is the unifying theory of biological sciences, and without it very little of biology makes sense. It remains one of the most respected theories in science, and yet in the general population in the United States, about the same percentage “believe in evolution” as “believe in ghosts”. In a poll spanning 34 countries, only Turkey ranked lower than the US in acceptance of evolution.

Our presenter, Kathy Savage, is a high-school science teacher in Oveido and board member of Florida Citizens for Science. She will tell us of her struggles, both in teaching students who are already inculcated to distrust science and particularly evolution, and in helping to protect Florida’s new science education standards from being poisoned with nonscientific ideas.

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